About Michael Blomsterberg, Hairapy Deeper than the Roots, master certified life coach, personal life coach, author

Michael Blomsterberg, author of It Begins With Me and Hairapy: Deeper than the Roots, earned his Master Certified Life Coach designation from Coach For Life, an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-approved program. He is a spiritual teacher with over two and a half decades of experience empowering clients and putting them back on their own team. In addition to Michael’s training, his life experience is extensive. He has been sober from drugs and alcohol since 1986 and abstinent from bulimia and anorexia since 1993.  Having triumphed over testicular cancer in 1999, he remains cancer-free to this day. Michael survived the dissolution of a 12-year relationship, bankruptcy in his early twenties, and physical and psychological abuse as a child. Michael's mission is to synergize his life experience with his professional training – to employ his understandings to aid others in the enhancement of their lives. He currently lives in Southern California.

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