Michael's Philosophy

My philosophy is founded in personal integrity, for staying true to ourselves is essential for creating authentic, healthy, and radiant lives. As we identify our own truths, we gain the clarity and the assuredness necessary to maintain integrity at all times. When we live with integrity, we live honoring us. Our loyalty to ourselves ensures that we remain truthfully self-expressed. Experiencing our feelings instead of dismissing them enables us to now see where they are guiding us. By joining forces with what we once judged about us, we no longer discriminate against ourselves. As we grow in respect for our own humanity, our judgment and discrimination of others then dispels, as well.

Consider what we are bestowing to the next generation. What wisdom shall they inherit from us? Which lessons are we teaching them? What kind of legacies are being passed down? Who is responsible for what we bequeath? Doesn't it begin with each of us?

Every human being has a chance to take a stand on behalf of the human race at any moment. Be yourself. Stay true to you. Remember that diversity is an asset.  As more of us continue to cease our discrimination, both internally and externally, we develop into a unified society with an expanding cornerstone of compassion. We become living examples of integrity inciting an ongoing global transformation.

It Begins With Me

It Begins With Me
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Humanitarian Efforts

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