Thoughts for the Month

January 2019

Ask yourself, “How can I create enjoyment in this experience? How can I create enjoyment in each and every one of my experiences?” Try allowing enjoyment to be your motivator in place of approval, satiation, escape, etc. How might that transform your experience of life?

When you realize your permanent position at the heart of the universe and feel your magnificence and your connection to all that is, time and distance become irrelevant. You truly comprehend that you’re one with everything. We are all connected. There is no separation between you and me.

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December 2018

When we judge ourselves, we block the natural flow of energy in our bodies. Energy is meant to move, but our resistance to our true nature brings everything to a halt. When we accept ourselves, we align with all of who we are, which opens the channels within us so that energy may flow strongly, powerfully, and fluidly.

The purest form of love, unconditional love, is harmonious and all-inclusive. I’m referring to the way that our higher power loves. There are no exclusions. Our higher power embraces and loves all of us as we are. There are no judgments and no conditions, for judgment and harmony cannot coexist. Harmony is created by meeting life with a fully open heart. What will your experience be like when you can lovingly embrace everything and everyone as it is; when you can wholeheartedly embrace life for the wonder that it brings?

November 2018

All of humanity shares the same inner purpose: to awaken more each day and tune into the great source of life that lives within us. The more we become still to discover and live this incredible force that’s within us at all times, the more that it manifests out into the world. From there, everything we do is infused by the power of a source greater than us.

As you continue to grow in presence and grace and to become more conscious, you will find that many of your moments will feel sacred to you. This is an experience that you’ll have to live to best understand. I invite you to continue venturing inward, where all of your answers, magnificence, and luminosity are awaiting your discovery.

October 2018

When an attempt to achieve a goal ends up differently than we intended, we might feel that we have failed. Yet to fail is not possible. Failure is only a state of mind. You can still be successful even when the result doesn’t look the way you’d pictured it. Every “failure” is an opportunity. It is your job to open your mind so that you may see how that result was actually a success for you. With trust, faith, and the knowledge that we don’t know better than God, we can feel successful no matter where we are.

Please live knowing that you are always exactly where you’re supposed to be. Your reality is the proof of that. When you can truly understand this, the amount of peace in your life will no longer be limited.

September 2018

In my experience, my willingness has been key to my sobriety from drugs and alcohol and my abstinence from compulsive eating and bulimarexia: my willingness to venture inside; my willingness (and courage) to feel and express my emotions; my willingness to tell the truth and expose myself; my willingness to ask for help; my willingness to accept what is; my willingness to forgive; my willingness to make amends. Willingness, to me, is the equivalent of investing into myself. It has afforded me a clean, open, and healthy life.

I find that some of my most profound development and self-actualization begins with me feeling victimized. I am grateful that I can trek some of these darker, denser hallways (of my life) with my victim mentality lighting the way. For me, this means that I can feel my way through blame, fault, judgment, anger, rage, pain, hurt, sadness, loss, unfairness, injustice, inequality, and so much more. The beauty in this journey, is that I am always led to a doorway of light. Within this luminosity resides acceptance, peace, clarity, accountability, broader perspective, direction, guidance, emancipation, freedom, presence, grace, and God.

August 2018

The time is now: to rally together, to join arms, to work as one. The time is now: to put aside our differences, our political agenda, and our religious divide. The time is now: to rise, to reclaim our humanity, and to love our neighbor. Reform and empowerment are possible when we unify and act for the greater good. The time is now.

Now, more than ever, we are being called to love, called to action, called to integrity, called to oneness. Please check in with yourself, and listen to what your heart is telling you. Please get still inside, and let your heart guide you. We need your voice. We need your presence. We need your humanity. We need your faith. We are all one, and we are all in this together. May we learn to love, accept, appreciate, and revere our brothers and sisters.

July 2018

Throughout my life’s experiences, I’ve found that a great sense of my peace lies in being able to be with as many different fear-based feelings as I can from an observational, non-judgmental, neutral, and accepting place within myself. The more that I can be with my feelings, the less they will cage and own me. The less they cage and own me, the less power they have over me. Bringing awareness to all that is happening inside of ourselves is paramount; it is life-giving. It is actually by giving our feelings a voice that they begin dissolving on their own… and we begin rising. Trust this.

One of the most beautiful things about having 32 years of sobriety is how my consciousness has grown and expanded. I’ve become far less discriminatory of myself and much more compassionate with myself. I find that being patient, understanding, and merciful with myself allows for a much smoother ride. In my presence and availability, I am open to receive guidance, support, and insight from my higher power for how to navigate life’s trials and tribulations with far greater ease.

June 2018

Many of us try to force a decision upon ourselves. We will fret and stress and worry and push. We get anxious, uptight, paralyzed, reactive. What if we didn’t need to make the decision that we thought that we needed to make? What if we could just allow ourselves the space to sit with it until it reveals itself? What would life be like then? Do you think that it’s possible for decisions to make themselves? Think about it. Aren’t decisions made at the perfect time, at the perfect moment when you have all of the essential information?

Please remember, as you embark upon this journey, that there is no right way or wrong way. There’s only the perfect way, and whichever way you choose is perfect for this time and place on your path. I just ask that you be as nurturing with yourself as you can be, at all times. Please be respectful of you.

May 2018

If you are having a difficult time finding forgiveness for someone, please honor the fact that you may still need that wall of anger and judgment until you don’t. That said, as you awaken and ascend in consciousness, you’ll begin to notice how uncomfortable and how unkind it is to yourself to carry any dense, heavy toxicity inside of you. You’ll begin to witness its effects upon your life and possibly even upon your health. I say this, because I truly believe that our distressing thoughts can transmute themselves into illness in our bodies. I am wholeheartedly convinced that that was a major contributing factor to the testicular cancer that I experienced in 1999. I raise this point not to alarm you, but simply to inform you so that you can be more conscious as to how your thoughts are affecting your person.

If you really want to be free, begin to notice your reaction to criticism. Begin to notice which adjectives or opinions conjure an adverse reaction within you when someone thinks, feels, or says them about you. Do you think that the comment hurt (or stung) because a part of you might believe or fear that it is true? Come on out, liberate yourself. Be truthful and flush out your “self-bias”. You don’t have to hide, deny, and conceal this from yourself any longer. That very thing that was said about you – that caused you to be defensive, argumentative, or reactive; is the very jewel inside of you wanting to be accepted, embraced, loved, and understood by you. Amen.

April 2018

Adhering to my integrity nullifies my impulse to try to be the bigger person or take the high road. In fact, it nullifies that concept altogether. Furthermore, it allows me the security of knowing that I can count on myself at all times to do the honest thing. Doing the honest thing is the right thing for me, always.

In our full, authentic self-expression, when something doesn’t work for us, we can clearly, lovingly, and simply say so without feeling that we need to explain ourselves, offer up anything, or feel guilty. You’re enough to say no. Please remember, a no from your heart is a yes to your life.

March 2018

We will absolutely face trying times over the course of our lifetime. We experience legal issues, addictions, divorce, illness, loss, and so much more. I truly believe that these situations are created for us to grow, heal, expand, develop, and evolve. These experiences allow us to rise – to be all of who we are meant to be. Trust… and trust the process. When I am faced with a tough situation, I find it highly beneficial to ask myself: What are my expectations in this situation? Are they creating stress or peace? How is this benefitting me right now? What am I learning? What is the lesson for me in this? What is honest and correct for me? What is the opportunity here?

I have always believed (at my core) that everything is happening for my greatest good. In my toughest moments, I do my best to draw from this faith. I have also learned that I can enjoy my life regardless of the situation that lies before me and that I never have to be owned by the temporary circumstances that I am experiencing. I do my best to feel my way through, so that I emerge with deeply broadened perspective, immense gratitude, more of myself, and mindfulness that will enhance the rest of my life.

February 2018

This is a tall order. See if you can accept every single thing in your life, as it is, right now, in this moment. This would include welcoming every thought, every feeling, every situation, every circumstance, all of yourself, all about others, where you currently are in your life, and so much more. You see, by accepting and welcoming all as it is right now, you allow for the possibility of fulfillment without condition.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of love. I find it to be healing, unifying, gratifying, and inclusive. I experience it as accepting, curious, compassionate, and wondrous. It’s taken me many years to realize that I’m deserving of my own love – of my own loving; of my own mercy; and of my own kindness. My graciousness is imperative to my health, happiness, and well-being. I am beyond grateful for the road that I have traveled to be brought to this enlightened understanding. Being loving in the world begins with me being loving with myself.

January 2018

Listening is one of the greatest ways that we can serve not only ourselves, but also one another. The degree to which we can listen and really hear what another human being is saying will be reflected directly in our friendships, partnerships, and relationships. When people have been truly listened to and not judged or reprimanded, they leave the encounter knowing that what they expressed was received, valued, and acknowledged. This immensely shifts the dynamic of the relationship by creating more safety and trust. In the absence of barriers and defenses, we find more warmth, affection, and understanding in our relationships, as well. With a stronger foundation of trust, more intimacy, playfulness, and connection can be explored.

Our only role is to walk beside people in support instead of doing someone’s life for them or telling them how. As a coach, I guide people into discovering their own direction rather than telling them what they should or shouldn’t do. Instead of unintentionally sending the message to clients that they need me, I send them the message that they are perfectly capable of piloting their lives on their own. They’re now liberated to meet their own needs and depend upon themselves. Standing tall in their competence, they see how self-reliant they are. This allots them the euphoria of rising and expanding beyond their wildest imagination. In guiding, we get to relish witnessing others discover the luminosity within themselves. We greatly empower other people by allowing them ownership of their own journey.

December 2017

Truth be told, we really only know what works for ourselves. It would be arrogant of me to think that I know what’s best for someone else. How could I? I might think that I know, and I might act like I know, but I’ve never traveled their path. I’ve never walked in their shoes. I’m not them in that moment needing to get that particular lesson from that particular situation. I can share with them about things that have carried me through my life’s trials, but I can’t honestly know what’s best for them or what they need to do for themselves. For this reason, I now do my best to mind my own business.

Many of us stand above people, thinking that we know what’s best for them. Do we really? What if we just stepped down from our pedestal and stood beside people? How could this change the dynamic of our relationships – especially with our spouses and the people we love the most? Standing beside people, we’re no longer hindering them from realizing their own greatness and capabilities. They’re free to be…, and they’re free to rise. One of my favorite things about my husband is that he consistently stands beside me – even when I make it challenging for him to do so – loving, supporting, and championing me to the best of his ability.

November 2017

Take a moment to get still and center yourself. For your benefit and well-being, begin to recognize (and breathe in) all of the blessings for which you’re grateful right now.

It might be your health or shared moments with the special people in your life. Maybe you’re grateful for your connection to your higher power, for your sobriety, for the ability to exercise, for your state of contentment, for your mental clarity, for the mentors in your life, that it was only a fender bender, or for having a free moment to relax and do something for yourself. You might find yourself appreciative of something as simple as your car starting, having your basic needs met, the wonder of nature, a kind message from someone who appreciates you, or your pets playing together. Or it could be a gift as crucial as having the medicine for your ailment that evokes gratitude within you.

As you look within, you’ll see that there’s always something for which to be grateful. Today, I am grateful for my loving, thoughtful, beautiful husband; for the extraordinary clients that I get the privilege and the blessing of working with; for my amazing friends; and for my fun, nutty, unwavering, phenomenal family that live so deep in my heart. I love you all… thank you.

October 2017

Instead of being religious or spiritual, I choose to be authentic.  It aids in my personal development, allowing me to be open, accountable, and as honest as I can be – especially to my voice and with my emotions.

As long as you don’t judge yourself, and you’re okay with others judging you, you’re good. You’re free.  You’re the one who has to be clean with your choices, behavior, actions, and exchanges – not others.  However, if someone does say something about you that creates some sort of a defensive, reactive stir inside of you, then that is something for you to look at – something you can begin to examine, understand, accept, love, and own so that you can be free once more.

September 2017

Staying true to our divine, authentic selves raises us, frees us, and liberates us beyond measure. It allows us to thrive as open-minded, open-hearted, curious beings. I find this to be glorious and revolutionary. In addition, I’m certain that being connected to this part of ourselves creates more unity, understanding, and oneness among us.

I find it grounding and centering to begin my day in silent prayer. Before my feet hit the floor, I get still in my bed, and I put my full attention on the inflow and the outflow of my breath. I breathe in God and breathe out fear. I breathe in love and breathe out judgment. I breathe in happiness, and I breathe out worry. I breathe in perfect health, and I breathe out dis-ease. I breathe in trust, and I breathe out doubt. It’s a beautiful way to commence my day.

August 2017

If you want to rewrite the chemistry of your body, you must first open your mind and begin to examine and alter the perceptions that you have about your body.

Sometimes loving ourselves can be too tall of an order. For this reason, let’s begin by simply learning how to like ourselves. In this moment, how can you be more kind, patient, and understanding with yourself? You deserve your own mercy.

July 2017

Having moments of exemplifying unfavorable behavior doesn’t mean that you must define yourself by it. Such behavior does not discount or minimize how brilliant, amazing, extraordinary, and luminous you truly are. You are a vessel of divine light.

When I violate my expectations of who I think I should be and who I think I should have been, I can create feelings of shame and guilt – very uncomfortable feelings of shame and guilt. What if we changed the game and gave ourselves permission to just be us? May you continue to discover and explore what this means to you.

June 2017

Because many of us have never learned to communicate effectively, we communicate through anger. This never works, as we’re violating the safety, intimacy, and trust in the relationship. When you’re not feeling heard or getting what you want, speaking louder and saying it again and again in repetitious reprimand does not ensure that your message gets received. By being able to identify and understand what you’re feeling and what’s happening inside of you, you can openly express and share that and bring someone in. By doing so, you’re communicating with someone rather than at someone, which has the capability to alter the dynamic of your relationship.

When in doubt, love. If still in doubt, love some more.

May 2017

If we believe that there is something wrong with us, we believe that others see it, too. We assume that others are thinking the same things about us that we’re thinking about ourselves. So when we judge ourselves, we think that other people are judging us for the same reason. It’s all our projection. I’m certain that most people’s focus lies elsewhere. This is why self-acceptance and self-approval are vital.

Own it. Own your feelings. Own your thoughts. Own your behavior. Own it all. Bring it out of obscurity and into the light. Embody the liberation, ascension, lightness, power, and foundation that accompanies ownership.

April 2017

It is important to hold fast to the knowledge that all of our feelings were created to bring us back home to ourselves. They are not intended to punish or torment us, but rather to assist and direct us. Feelings point us in the direction in which our souls are inspired to move. They are always happening for our greater good and for our expansion and evolution.

All of my feelings have been my university and have served as the tarmac for my ascension. As I have surrendered into embracing them, they have always brought me to higher ground.

March 2017

Another’s compliance (or noncompliance) is simply a reflection of whether he or she can honor our request, period. Neither decision has anything to do with us. They can either do it, or they can’t. There is no hidden meaning. We’re the ones who assign meaning when someone does or doesn’t do what we wanted them to do. Wouldn’t you prefer that we all stay true to ourselves, as challenging as that might be at times?

Pay attention to the significance that you attach to what others do or don’t do for you. What if you are not correct? When we take others’ actions personally, it’s because we think we need something from them in that moment. We often want them to validate or invalidate something we believe to be true about ourselves. When there is no longer meaning associated with the granting or denying of requests, our relationships become so much simpler, safer, and more intimate. It’s amazing what transpires.

February 2017

For some of us, it might be necessary now to limit our previously gratuitous generosity and become authentically generous with ourselves by implementing boundaries. This means having to say no, risk being unpopular, and risk others being disappointed. I know that that might be challenging for many of you. However, the honor and dignity that accompanies our truthfulness is priceless.

Nothing feels as good as honesty. It is imperative that I be as clean as I can in every area of my life. Being honest and clean keeps me a trustworthy person with myself.

January 2017

What’s more important and beneficial to your development, well-being, sanity, and evolution? Comparing yourself to your favorite celebrity, icon, or someone you’ve idolized? Or taking the time to venture inside and get to know, understand, revere, and celebrate you?

What if there was no more “getting it right”, ever? What if you were just allowed to be and create within that limitlessness? Self-judgment would be nullified. Certain behaviors would be eradicated. Freedom would be had. What if your way was the perfect way – not the right or wrong way – and that was always good enough?