Thoughts for the Month

November 2017

Take a moment to get still and center yourself. For your benefit and well-being, begin to recognize (and breathe in) all of the blessings for which you’re grateful right now.

It might be your health or shared moments with the special people in your life. Maybe you’re grateful for your connection to your higher power, for your sobriety, for the ability to exercise, for your state of contentment, for your mental clarity, for the mentors in your life, that it was only a fender bender, or for having a free moment to relax and do something for yourself. You might find yourself appreciative of something as simple as your car starting, having your basic needs met, the wonder of nature, a kind message from someone who appreciates you, or your pets playing together. Or it could be a gift as crucial as having the medicine for your ailment that evokes gratitude within you.

As you look within, you’ll see that there’s always something for which to be grateful. Today, I am grateful for my loving, thoughtful, beautiful husband; for the extraordinary clients that I get the privilege and the blessing of working with; for my amazing friends; and for my fun, nutty, unwavering, phenomenal family that live so deep in my heart. I love you all… thank you.

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October 2017

Instead of being religious or spiritual, I choose to be authentic.  It aids in my personal development, allowing me to be open, accountable, and as honest as I can be – especially to my voice and with my emotions.

As long as you don’t judge yourself, and you’re okay with others judging you, you’re good. You’re free.  You’re the one who has to be clean with your choices, behavior, actions, and exchanges – not others.  However, if someone does say something about you that creates some sort of a defensive, reactive stir inside of you, then that is something for you to look at – something you can begin to examine, understand, accept, love, and own so that you can be free once more.

September 2017

Staying true to our divine, authentic selves raises us, frees us, and liberates us beyond measure. It allows us to thrive as open-minded, open-hearted, curious beings. I find this to be glorious and revolutionary. In addition, I’m certain that being connected to this part of ourselves creates more unity, understanding, and oneness among us.

I find it grounding and centering to begin my day in silent prayer. Before my feet hit the floor, I get still in my bed, and I put my full attention on the inflow and the outflow of my breath. I breathe in God and breathe out fear. I breathe in love and breathe out judgment. I breathe in happiness, and I breathe out worry. I breathe in perfect health, and I breathe out dis-ease. I breathe in trust, and I breathe out doubt. It’s a beautiful way to commence my day.

August 2017

If you want to rewrite the chemistry of your body, you must first open your mind and begin to examine and alter the perceptions that you have about your body.

Sometimes loving ourselves can be too tall of an order. For this reason, let’s begin by simply learning how to like ourselves. In this moment, how can you be more kind, patient, and understanding with yourself? You deserve your own mercy.

July 2017

Having moments of exemplifying unfavorable behavior doesn’t mean that you must define yourself by it. Such behavior does not discount or minimize how brilliant, amazing, extraordinary, and luminous you truly are. You are a vessel of divine light.

When I violate my expectations of who I think I should be and who I think I should have been, I can create feelings of shame and guilt – very uncomfortable feelings of shame and guilt. What if we changed the game and gave ourselves permission to just be us? May you continue to discover and explore what this means to you.

June 2017

Because many of us have never learned to communicate effectively, we communicate through anger. This never works, as we’re violating the safety, intimacy, and trust in the relationship. When you’re not feeling heard or getting what you want, speaking louder and saying it again and again in repetitious reprimand does not ensure that your message gets received. By being able to identify and understand what you’re feeling and what’s happening inside of you, you can openly express and share that and bring someone in. By doing so, you’re communicating with someone rather than at someone, which has the capability to alter the dynamic of your relationship.

When in doubt, love. If still in doubt, love some more.

May 2017

If we believe that there is something wrong with us, we believe that others see it, too. We assume that others are thinking the same things about us that we’re thinking about ourselves. So when we judge ourselves, we think that other people are judging us for the same reason. It’s all our projection. I’m certain that most people’s focus lies elsewhere. This is why self-acceptance and self-approval are vital.

Own it. Own your feelings. Own your thoughts. Own your behavior. Own it all. Bring it out of obscurity and into the light. Embody the liberation, ascension, lightness, power, and foundation that accompanies ownership.

April 2017

It is important to hold fast to the knowledge that all of our feelings were created to bring us back home to ourselves. They are not intended to punish or torment us, but rather to assist and direct us. Feelings point us in the direction in which our souls are inspired to move. They are always happening for our greater good and for our expansion and evolution.

All of my feelings have been my university and have served as the tarmac for my ascension. As I have surrendered into embracing them, they have always brought me to higher ground.

March 2017

Another’s compliance (or noncompliance) is simply a reflection of whether he or she can honor our request, period. Neither decision has anything to do with us. They can either do it, or they can’t. There is no hidden meaning. We’re the ones who assign meaning when someone does or doesn’t do what we wanted them to do. Wouldn’t you prefer that we all stay true to ourselves, as challenging as that might be at times?

Pay attention to the significance that you attach to what others do or don’t do for you. What if you are not correct? When we take others’ actions personally, it’s because we think we need something from them in that moment. We often want them to validate or invalidate something we believe to be true about ourselves. When there is no longer meaning associated with the granting or denying of requests, our relationships become so much simpler, safer, and more intimate. It’s amazing what transpires.

February 2017

For some of us, it might be necessary now to limit our previously gratuitous generosity and become authentically generous with ourselves by implementing boundaries. This means having to say no, risk being unpopular, and risk others being disappointed. I know that that might be challenging for many of you. However, the honor and dignity that accompanies our truthfulness is priceless.

Nothing feels as good as honesty. It is imperative that I be as clean as I can in every area of my life. Being honest and clean keeps me a trustworthy person with myself.

January 2017

What’s more important and beneficial to your development, well-being, sanity, and evolution? Comparing yourself to your favorite celebrity, icon, or someone you’ve idolized? Or taking the time to venture inside and get to know, understand, revere, and celebrate you?

What if there was no more “getting it right”, ever? What if you were just allowed to be and create within that limitlessness? Self-judgment would be nullified. Certain behaviors would be eradicated. Freedom would be had. What if your way was the perfect way – not the right or wrong way – and that was always good enough?

December 2016

Many of us would like to forgive, but we just don’t know how to or if we can. The wrongs and the injustices that we’ve endured can seem too deplorable to pardon, while the resulting torment still churns within us. I certainly understand what this feels like. I also understand the need for housing the anger, the resentment, and the animosity that can accompany feelings of victimization. For years, I constructed a fortress around my heart out of self-preservation in order to keep myself feeling protected in a world where I didn’t feel safe. If you would like to begin the forgiveness process, ask yourself, what is not forgiving costing me? How could forgiveness enrich my life? What would forgiveness create room for in my life?

Some of my dearest friends can attest to the fact that laughter and having fun are a huge part of my life. I even bring that playfulness into my client sessions when appropriate, for I find laughter to be therapeutic. We can sometimes take ourselves and our lives so seriously that we miss out on the opportunity in the moment before us. By easing up on ourselves and laughing at our own humanity, we get to experience an entirely new world.

November 2016

In the process of learning to take care of ourselves, boundaries are essential. Setting boundaries, for me, is another way of being loving toward myself. They keep me honest. My boundaries represent what’s true for me; what isn’t true for me; what works for me; what doesn’t work for me; what feels right for me; what doesn’t feel right for me; what feels appropriate to me; and what doesn’t feel appropriate to me. That’s it. They’re not personal, nor are they to punish or teach a lesson. They are about what best takes care of me.

When setting a boundary, you might want to ask yourself: What is the most honest, direct, and respectful way to take care of myself in this situation? It’s simply about you being honest about what feels right for you. Setting boundaries in order to take care of yourself is not selfish; it is simply self-care. It’s a way of being loving with ourselves. It’s okay to take care of you first. Actually, it’s recommended.

October 2016

What if every single thing that occurred in your day was divinely orchestrated? This would include every incident, situation, and exchange. And what if every occurrence was showing you what needed your understanding or attention. Could your predicaments be meant to aid you in expanding your levels of tolerance, patience, mercy, or forgiveness? From the time that we wake to the time that we lay our head on the pillow, every single thing is happening for our greater good: for our evolution, our healing, and our personal development.

It is truly invigorating to be in the presence of a person who is emanating their luminous essence. To me, there is nothing more incandescent and radiant than a heart in full bloom, one that is welcoming and uninhibited. I find it overwhelmingly powerful to witness that ever-flowing stream of divine love igniting the hearts of others and inspiring us to live in oneness.

September 2016

In my own honest communication, I have found that when I’m being loving and kind, my honesty is usually received with willingness and appreciation. However, when there is righteousness, position, or shaming in my tone, my words are almost always met with defensiveness, argument, and battle. I am always responsible for what I say, my delivery, and for the way I participate in my interactions.

Do you listen openly, lovingly, and receptively where others feel heard, safe, and accepted in your company? Or do you listen aggressively, judgmentally, or defensively where people might fear you or feel emotionally unsafe around you? No need for any self-bullying – just notice and observe yourself. Do you tend to interrupt when someone is sharing or already know what you’re going to say before they finish speaking? If so, are you really listening? Or are you present and available for conversation, whereby you’re allowing for more closeness and harmony in the exchange? I bring this up so that your relationships may have more connection, trust, and fun.

August 2016

So many of us do what we feel we’re supposed to do while foregoing what we know in our hearts is right for us. Doing the “right” thing out of obligation (instead of staying true to ourselves) can be accompanied by an enormous amount of anxiety, hostility, and resentment. For me, doing the “right” thing (when it violates my integrity) is a disservice to myself, as it is dishonest. The honest thing is the right thing for me, always. How would doing the honest thing affect your life, your emotional well-being, and your decision-making process?

When we live with integrity, we live honoring us. Our loyalty to ourselves ensures that we remain continually, truthfully self-expressed. Living with integrity, we live from the deepest part of ourselves. Our internal compass is our guide, helping us to effortlessly navigate our way through life. Integrity keeps every facet of our lives clean and makes our paths crystal clear. It’s an extraordinary experience knowing that we can always depend on ourselves to be our own best advocate through the twists and turns of life.

July 2016

By opening ourselves up to all that is before us, we live in a state of allowance.  We’re putting out a metaphorical welcome mat for every feeling, trigger, situation, bias (or self-bias), and circumstance. By welcoming whatever is before us and bringing it in closer, we get to learn and expand from what it has to teach us. With deeper understanding, our perspective broadens, our perceptions shift, and whatever is before us begins to lose its charge and dissipate. Congratulations, you’ve just made room for more of whatever your heart desires.

An interpersonal exchange can be an intoxicating spiritual elixir. This goes for every intercommunication that we have the opportunity to share with another human being, no matter how inconsequential it might seem in the moment. Experience this for yourself. Devote a morning to extending a warm greeting to each person you encounter, and witness the effect that your heartfelt generosity has upon other human beings.

June 2016

What is one thing that you could do today to contribute, to be of service? How could you be of service to yourself? How might you be of service to another?  What could you do to serve this planet? Nothing feels as great as contributing without condition.

When is the last time that you stood before a mirror, opened your heart to yourself, and said, “You are beautiful”, “you are great”, “you are perfect”, “you are awesome”, “thank you for being exactly as you are”, or “I love you”? Please give yourself the attention, love, appreciation, and affection that you deserve. May you adopt a daily ritual of standing before your own presence in acknowledgment of you.

May 2016

Please answer this simple question: are you proud of the person who you are? If so, God bless you. Keep shining. If not, what would it take for you to be proud of yourself? What might need to happen or shift within you?

Acknowledgment is extremely nourishing for the soul. I find it to be for humans what water and sunlight are to plants. Despite its benefits, many people still find it quite challenging to give the gift of acknowledgment to themselves. Self-acknowledgment is a game changer. It has the capability to soothe us, comfort us, lift us, and ignite us. The power of acknowledgment is undeniable. What is one thing that you can praise yourself for in this moment? Please do so.

April 2016

How do you speak to your partner? What are the verbal or nonverbal messages that they receive when they’re in your company? Do you continually nurture and nourish this sacred bond, or have you somehow assumed the position of auto-pilot? I don’t care how many years you’ve been in your relationship, it’s always important to tell and to show your partner how much you love them, appreciate them, respect them, and how important they are to you. Keep the gratitude and affection flowing.

What action could you take today to enhance the quality of your life and your relationships? Think about it. Is there a small step that would bring you toward a richer, healthier presence right now? What quality would you need to embody to instigate this change? You have the power to shift the course of your life at every moment.

March 2016

What if people are following your lead by treating you the way you treat yourself? What if you had the power to affect how they treat you? Begin to notice how you speak about yourself, feel about yourself, and take care of yourself. Are you kind, compassionate, respectful, and nurturing toward you? Simply observing yourself sets the stage for you to begin to intervene in your self-treatment. The first step is to observe and acknowledge your thoughts, feelings, and behavior toward yourself. This awareness alone will begin a shift toward more compassionate treatment of yourself.

What I love about being in a relationship is also what I find challenging about it. My husband is always showing me what needs to be healed, forgiven, and addressed within myself. This requires willingness on my part: willingness to look inside, to be honest and accountable, to be open and vulnerable, to feel some very uncomfortable feelings, and to expose myself. Willingness is vital to my relationship flourishing.

February 2016

To enhance your quality of life, begin by recognizing and appreciating all of the wonderful blessings that surround you right now, at this very moment. I understand how challenging this can sometimes be. However, by acknowledging the blessings that are currently present in your life, you alter your perceptions, which profoundly influence your perspective and, thus, your experience. This is one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself today that will have the most transformative effect upon your life.

May you come to authentically recognize the divinity within you and the truth that you are a good person with a good heart. In this understanding, may you also live knowing that you inherently deserve kindness, decency, and goodness.

January 2016

Throughout my lifetime, it has become evidently clear to me that my primary job is simply to love to the best of my ability. All that I can be is the best example of a loving being that I can. All that any of us can be is the best example of a loving being that we can. Let’s be kind with each other.

When we can get out of our own way and revere the distinct characteristics and qualities that we presently embody, we can then zestfully unveil ourselves to the world and begin to relish a life that is consistent with our true nature. Having our own unbridled approval enables us to fully accept ourselves, as we are; to fully like ourselves without condition; and to enjoy ourselves beyond measure.