Thoughts for the Month

December 2020

May this holiday season be filled with stillness, peace, and restoration. Giving ourselves the permission to exhale and simply be naturally allows for our holiday to be filled with ease. We deserve to be centered and present during one of the most spirited times of the year. May you enjoy the holidays in a way unlike ever before.

I find it grounding and centering to begin my day in silent prayer. Before my feet touch the floor, I get still in my bed, and I put my full attention on the inflow and the outflow of my breath. I breathe in God, and breathe out fear. I breathe in love, and breathe out judgment. I breathe in happiness, and I breathe out worry. I breathe in perfect health, and I breathe out dis-ease. I breathe in trust, and I breathe out doubt. It’s a beautiful way to commence my day.

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November 2020

A lot of people in this world are being shunned and dismissed due to our biases, positions, unconsciousness, and righteousness. Ask yourself, do other human beings need our incrimination and judgment, or do they need our compassion, humanity, and understanding?  Which serves us best as a people? Which fosters a peaceful planet?  Which makes you feel the best about yourself?

We all deal with uncertainty in our lives. Our dilemmas can be emotional in nature, or they can be physical, social, financial, spiritual, etc. At such times, it will help to know that whatever the question might be, there is only one answer: Love. Please remember that love stays true to itself at all times. Love has nothing to prove, nowhere to get to, no judgments, no conditions, and no expectations.  Love is pure and unbiased.  It just is.  It just loves.  Love takes care of itself and advocates for itself from a clean space of love.  I find guidance in asking myself, "What would love do here?”.

October 2020

Medical treatments have been proven to rid our bodies of illness. However, they do not heal the energy that sets the stage for that illness to form. We are responsible for healing that energy. When we do the internal excavation necessary to heal the energy of sadness, the energy of anger, the energy of guilt, the energy of shame, the energy of self-judgment, and especially the energy of fear, we can more rapidly heal our physical bodies. May you begin to resolve any and all conflicts with enormous amounts of love and forgiveness.

What if every single thing that occurred in your day was divinely orchestrated?  This would include every incident, situation, and exchange. And what if every occurrence was showing you what needed your understanding or attention? Could your predicaments be meant to aid you in expanding your levels of tolerance, patience, mercy, or forgiveness? From the time that we wake to the time that we lay our head on the pillow, every single thing is happening for our greater good: for our evolution, our healing, and our personal development.

September 2020

Having needs doesn't make you needy; it makes you human. It's when we depend upon others to fulfill our emotional needs that we appear needy. We get to decide for ourselves whether we want to look to others to fulfill our needs or whether we would rather look to ourselves. One way creates difficulty and can be painful, while the other way promotes ease and is much more peaceful. Choosing the peaceful route releases others from blame for our discontent so we can reclaim responsibility for our own care and happiness.

When we can authentically send love to those with whom we have an adversarial relationship or those whom we condemn or judge, we immediately enhance the quality and the experience of our lives. We deserve the inner contentment of being uncluttered, unburdened, and loving. In that clean space, we are open, we are accessible, and we are free.  You deserve an unfettered life.

August 2020

Worrying about a future moment can often cause us anxiety, while rehashing and fixating upon past moments can often create resentment, hurt, hostility, and frustration. What do you need to do to bring yourself into the present moment? What do you need to address or to feel? What could you release so to allow yourself to be open and available to the moment at hand? Before your frightened mind can hijack your thoughts and keep you from being present, ask yourself whether you are okay right now, at this exact moment.

Just for today, pay attention to your inner monologue. Notice what it says and what it sounds like. Does it have a harsh tone or a kindhearted and supportive presence? Is it impatient, or is it encouraging? Is it undermining, or is it empowering? Does it deplete you or invigorate you? Just notice.

July 2020

We are always responsible for the way we participate in our interactions and exchanges. Notice if you are being open, unbiased, and receptive, where dialogue and conversation safely flow between you and others. Or, notice if you are positioned in authority, where you find yourself lecturing, enlightening, or blaming. One unites, rectifies, and amends, where the other alienates, divides, and renders another wrong. Decide for yourself how you want your relationships with others to be.

There are times in our lives when we feel completely fatigued and exhausted. Due to the inordinate amount of anxiety experienced under certain circumstances, it can be difficult even to breathe. I would venture to say that these are not the times to try to push through, especially when your body is signaling for you to rest. It is okay to step off of the treadmill of life and surrender into that vast stillness within, where calm, peacefulness, and presence reside.

June 2020

We might never understand the complexity of life, for our world is just too great an enigma. Loss of any kind can leave us feeling empty, distraught, or unsure of our place in the world. Losing your best friend, a loved one, the normalcy of leaving your home unprotected and without concern, money in the stock market, a legal battle, or even the ability to hug or be in close proximity to someone you care about can be very challenging to make peace with. May you find comfort in knowing that change is a constant. Everything is in perpetual transition, including ourselves. All is ephemeral, temporary, fleeting. If we can do our best to embrace the constant flux that is life and allow life to keep life-ing, we can have the most enriching journey.

I find that some of my most profound development and self-actualization begins with me feeling victimized. I am grateful that I can trek some of these darker, denser hallways (of my life) with my victim mentality lighting the way. For me, this means that I can feel my way through blame, fault, judgment, anger, rage, pain, hurt, sadness, resentment, loss, unfairness, injustice, inequality, and so much more. The beauty in this journey, is that I am always led to a doorway of Light. Within this luminosity resides acceptance, peace, clarity, accountability, broader perspective, direction, guidance, emancipation, connection, freedom, presence, grace, and God.

May 2020

Our feelings about ourselves are a predominant factor in our well-being. Are you emotionally happy? Most importantly, do you love and value yourself? If not, what will that take? What could your life be like? Which internal dialogs are standing in your way? What do you need to work through, embrace, release, or heal? Or, if you do love and value yourself, how does that resonate in your life and relationships? In which ways are you kind, merciful, and nurturing with yourself? How is your life enhanced by being generous with yourself; by allowing yourself more grace? It’s important to remember that our feelings about ourselves are truly the most definitive element for determining the condition in which we live.  Please be more compassionate and understanding toward you.

What are the ways in which you can be more kind and approving of yourself in this very moment? Wholeheartedly approving of ourselves eliminates our need to forage for and cling to affection from outside sources. When we have our own approval, we donít need to seek it elsewhere. Enjoy the confidence and contentment that come with having your own endorsement.

April 2020

Whenever you feel a fear-based emotion arise within you, it is highly beneficial to identify what it is. Next, see if you can open yourself to it, allowing for it to flow through you, unobstructed. It is vital to our well-being that we breathe and allow instead of tightening up. Begin to feel the emotion in your body as it moves through you. It wants to pass through, not stay lodged inside of you. By allowing it to effortlessly pass through you, it disappears, leaving you free and mobile.

Please pay attention to yourself: your inner voice, your instincts, your body. What is being called for right now? Is it better nutrition, more exercise, connection, universal trust, improved overall health? Is it time to be more proactive? Do you need downtime, rest, more sleep? Are you exhaling and breathing? Perhaps it’s time to retire that story that’s been dictating your life. Or maybe it’s time to forgive yourself or another. Trust your intuition; check in with you.

March 2020

Life will always keep life-ing. This means that we will undoubtedly be presented with challenges along the way. When we have an emotional reaction to a challenging situation, it’s because part of us is in resistance to what is. Though they might be uncomfortable to experience, our reactions are important, vital teachers. They awaken us and alert us to the fact that something inside of us is requiring our care, attention, and healing. We then get to examine what’s triggering those emotional “buttons” of which we’re not yet fully conscious. Bringing awareness and understanding to our emotional underworld and to those triggers allows us to be freed from, and enlightened by, what once troubled us. I like to think of such experiences as God shining light on my blind spots.

What do you think the world would be like if one of our daily goals was to engage in loving acts for ourselves? Could you imagine your experience in this world or what the vibration of our planet would feel like if being loving with ourselves was our natural and automatic modus operandi? That level of higher consciousness would organically breed optimal self-care, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation. We would be merciful with ourselves and ensure that our lives were lived in balance. When situations arose that were challenging or difficult, we would innately choose the most honest, loving path. What a divine way to live. Please, make loving acts toward you an essential part of your day.

February 2020

The ability to be grateful for your current situation changes your reality. It changes the way you experience life, and it changes your world. The energy of gratitude has the ability to bypass the brain and plunge straight into the heart. It nourishes the soul, satiating decades of deprivation. When you can accept what is, you can encompass any situation that arises with gratitude.

In your efforts to live in a heightened state of gratitude (in which you authentically welcome what is before you), remaining unobstructed is essential. To do so, it is imperative that you honor whatever you are feeling in any given moment. I am not saying that we must obsess over each whim, but rather that we do our best to simply acknowledge it, to lean into it, and to allow ourselves to feel it without judgment or reservation.  As it passes through us, it organically dissolves on its own and naturally abates.

January 2020

I believe that to be willing is to be fearless. For example, a willingness to entertain another person’s point of view is fearless, for it means having the courage to think differently while not being threatened by what might be an opposing viewpoint. At the same time, a willingness as vast as being open to be used as instruments of love is also fearless, for we are surrendering ourselves to allow God’s work to be done through us. Do you agree? Are there ways in which you believe that being willing is being fearless?

I admire those who dedicate themselves to following their passion. To do so requires strong courage and unwavering conviction—two highly revered virtues. The act of employing these virtues alone can be immensely fulfilling.

December 2019

Still yourself long enough to breathe in and behold the richness in all that surrounds you. Notice the friends who champion you, the family members closest to your heart. Witness the nourishment of food, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the vigor in your every breath. The fullness and vibrancy of life is there at every step. By acknowledging that abundance that you are constantly amid, you awaken the dormant bounty within.

Laughter is surrender. When we laugh boisterously with our whole being, every fiber of us is filled with a multihued energy. Allow yourself to be filled with joy whenever possible. Let that light draw you closer to your source and radiate into the world around you.

November 2019

We are not our feelings. We are not our thoughts. We are not our actions. However, we are still accountable for them. We are the observer of our behavior; we are the divine consciousness behind our feelings, the stillness between our thoughts. We are greater than any self-imposed label or attachment—far greater. We are pure, divine magnificence.

Ask yourself: Is the behavior that I exhibit in alignment with the person I’d like to be? Does my behavior support the person I’d like to become?

October 2019

Love is enough as it is. It doesn’t attempt to elevate itself or act in fallacious ways. It has nothing to prove and no conditions. Love isn’t trying to get anywhere. It stays true to itself at all times. It is perfect as it is. Love has no agenda, except to love. Love does not involve ownership or control. It continues to love and accept, while always taking care of itself. In the presence of love, all that is false falls away.

Today’s goal: be authentic. Be authentic in each moment, in every interpersonal exchange, and to whatever I may be feeling. Bottom line, stay true to myself.

September 2019

We have but two obligations in life: to always be true to ourselves, and to allow. Being true to yourself allows the wholeness of your unique magnificence to draw you in the direction most beneficial to you and to all others. Allowing requires faith, non-attachment to preconceived outcomes, and trusting that all is well.

As we become more conscious, we gain more awareness, which allows us to witness life aligning before our eyes. When we’re no longer denying the present moment, we can see how everything is lining up to support us. The more awakened we become, the more evident this is. We soon find ourselves moving with the flow of our life.

August 2019

Communicating honestly doesn’t mean that we get to assault others with our words under the guise of “just being honest”. No—we are always responsible for what we say, our tone, our delivery, and any reactions we might have to someone else’s response.

Gossip is one of the most common threats to our ability to remain aligned with the present moment and the world. Seemingly harmless, yet insidious, it clogs our receptivity, bogs us down, reduces us, and places us in direct opposition to our true nature. Please be aware of how often you unconsciously internalize and compartmentalize others’ perceptions, opinions, judgments, and resentments. As we continue to live in love and gratitude while growing in consciousness, we will cease to receive gossip. It will feel foreign, unkind, and inappropriate to do so. By gently turning it away, we will no longer be an invitation for the perpetuation of hate, prejudice, or separatism on our planet.

July 2019

I believe that everyone, at their core, is love. This logic renders evil acts a byproduct of a person’s fearfulness. Such acts can only be executed by someone who has lost the awareness of their true, divine nature and become a victim of their own pain and limitations. The antidote is conscious connection to the love that we are, to the love that sources us. That connection alters our mindset so that we may live in a peaceful state of trust, presence, and faith. This state of connection is so overpowering that it can put an end to even the most depraved behavior.

Remember, we are all one. Every person you meet represents a divine consciousness, even if they’ve temporarily lost sight of this awareness. When faced with a challenging personal encounter, do your best to speak not to the emotion you see before you, but to the divinity that exists within it. Peace begins with each of us.

June 2019

Our power to fashion our world as we desire it to be is much stronger when we authentically embody more love than enmity. This doesn’t mean that we must wander in search of more love to procure from the outside world. Rather, we can amplify our loving from within ourselves. This way, we’re not waiting for love to happen or looking for love. We’re aware that love is what we are so we naturally embody a love that is thriving and magnetic. Sourced by our higher selves, we channel, experience, and allow that love to effortlessly flow through us.

Those qualities that you admire in others are also embodied by you. If you didn’t possess them yourself, you wouldn’t be able to recognize them in someone else. That other person is directly reflecting the beauty and majesty that are radiating out of you. If you spot it, you’ve got it.

May 2019

There have been many times in my life when I thought that I knew how I wanted a situation to unfold. My attachment to a certain outcome would then cause me suffering whenever the progress of that situation varied from what I had in mind. In hindsight, it’s clear that my vision and perception were too limited. I thought that I knew how I wanted it to turn out, but God had a grander, more expansive vision for me – one from which I would derive new talents, new gifts, new insights, and more access to my divine light.

Incredible things come into our lives all the time. Yet when this happens to us while we’re living in a guarded or fearful state, we are often not prepared, unable to recognize, or unable to receive it. Skeptical of its authenticity or of our worthiness, some of us will even unconsciously sabotage it, push it away, or force it out of our lives. If it feels farfetched or weighty to allow yourself the reality of having what you desire, can you employ your faith? Use it to strengthen your awareness of the fact that one of God’s greatest desires is to bestow his generosity upon you. Believe this, and you will be ready to welcome all of that good and limitless abundance as it arrives.

April 2019

Can you imagine what our planet would be like if, from the time we were born, we were all encouraged to express who we truly are? It’s likely that we would all be very open, welcoming, compassionate, and interested in learning from one another. We’d relish each other’s differences, champion diversity, and be eager to bring our uniqueness to the world. What power and synergy there would be in the absence of inhibitions—each of us living to express and celebrate our magnificence while illuminating the planet with our joyousness.

By being our individual, magnificent selves and standing tall in the truth of who we really are, we find our experiences more infused with color. They become vibrant, kaleidoscopic. Meanwhile, our interactions become more intimate and effortless. Instead of feeling threatened by others’ unique and beautiful selves, we find ourselves valuing, appreciating, and relishing one another’s distinct characteristics.

March 2019

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. Each and every one is valid and worthy. There are no dead ends. All paths “work” and go all the way to the top. Any single path can take us home. We are ready for different paths at varying times in our lives. There are many who may stop or fall asleep along the way. Don’t disturb them until they are ready. We are all in the exact, perfect place right now.

Marianne Williamson once said, “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.” Absolutely. Amen!

February 2019

Though we might have different definitions or terms for our higher power—God, the universe, spirit, energy, etc.—they all are embodiments of a divine consciousness, of a divine intelligence. Our higher power is omnipotent, unprejudiced, loving, compassionate, understanding, uniting, and whole. It does not discriminate. It does not see color, race, gender, or sexual orientation. It loves each and every one of us exactly the same. It is the essence of pure, unconditional love. This same loving lives inside of you.

If you come from a higher power that is loving, perfect, and beautiful, how could you be any different than the whole? We are made in Its image and likeness. If your higher power is love, then it only makes sense that you are that love, too. If your higher power is perfect, then everything it sprouts must be perfect, as well. If your higher power possesses beauty, then that same beauty lies within you. This is the same for every single person on this planet.

January 2019

Ask yourself, “How can I create enjoyment in this experience? How can I create enjoyment in each and every one of my experiences?” Try allowing enjoyment to be your motivator in place of approval, satiation, escape, etc. How might that transform your experience of life?

When you realize your permanent position at the heart of the universe and feel your magnificence and your connection to all that is, time and distance become irrelevant. You truly comprehend that you’re one with everything. We are all connected. There is no separation between you and me.