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Michael’s group coaching is particularly effective due to the impervious climate of safety that he creates. Within this haven, individuals liberate themselves by giving a voice to formerly concealed thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Most often, these are the aspects of themselves which they’ve been reluctant to confront. The act of revealing these secrets alone begins to lift their burden. Furthermore, a group of people meeting such declarations with support (as opposed to judgment) has a transformative effect. This sets into motion the profound personal metamorphoses that make the group experience so powerful.

The individuals’ perspective and their perception of themselves then begin to shift. They find that they are valued – not despite those unfavorable aspects, but with them. Feelings of craziness and isolation melt away, as the rest of the group identifies and offers insight. The result is validation and empowerment – not just for the person in question, but for everyone in the room. This nucleus of strength creates a solid cohesion that bonds the group into a team.

Within that unified foundation, individuals derive the confidence to live accountably and authentically in all areas of their lives. The group members come to realize that they aren’t defined by that behavior for which they’ve been shaming themselves. They find that they are not their thoughts, their feelings, or their past history. They grow in love and compassion for themselves, while they open and make more room for others to be in their world. Accepting others’ compliments, love, or generosity becomes easier and more natural. Individuals begin to feel whole and confident. Through this process of discovery, their authentic selves emerge, permanently enhancing their experience of life.

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